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Is EarnIsland free?
Yes of course! The whole point of EarnIsland is for our users to earn. We have been free from the start and will always remain that way.
How does EarnIsland work?
On the EarnIsland platform, users can earn by completing fun & engaging surveys, posting on social media, testing out free apps & games, or by inviting new friends & followers!
Wait, so is this free money?
Kinda, but technically no. Nothing in life is free. EarnIsland is paid by major brands around the globe to connect users to them. By using the platform & interacting with features, users are exposed to these brands. More so, by inviting friends and building awareness, users are building ad traffic!
How do I cash out?
Cashing out is easy! Just go to the profile page on your dashboard then click "New Cash Out"
What payment methods are available for cash out?
We currently support PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Solana! We are looking to add gift card options in the future.

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