Why EarnIsland?

With so many earning apps out there, why us?

When we were brainstorming the EarnIsland idea back in 2020, we asked ourselves the same question. And that's what we used to build the platform.

First & foremost, we focus on simplicity and user experience. We want our users to have an easy platform to use. Then we decided to seperate ourselves from the competition by raising our reward rates for tasks. Most of our competitors will pay their users low rates for surveys while pocketing most of the cash.

At EarnIsland, we put the power in your hands by having the highest reward rates in the industry.

Why We're Different



social-marketing platform

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vs. our competitors

  • checkHigher payouts
  • checkFaster user support
  • checkEasy to use
  • checkAlways online*
  • checkSocial support
  • check1000+ partners

  • * 99.9% uptime in the past 3 months